About us

"The IQ Collection is aimed at women with personality and style who want to project elegance and femininity through unique, versatile and recognizable designs"

How did it all begin

The IQ Collection was born from the dream of two women, who were friends before they were partners: Inés Domecq and Virginia Pozo.

It is the union of both, of their origin, worlds and passions. In the IQ designs, the south and north of Spain, architectures and aromas from both sides merge, seeking to create unique shapes that respond to a modern woman, but who does not forget tradition.

Timelessness, elegance and quality are fundamental pillars when creating our garments with the intention of being present in your day to day and in the most special moments.


We seek to offer garments with an authentic design that highlight the natural beauty and confidence of each woman who is part of our brand.


Agnes and Virginia